Car Washes

Once you come in for car washing and detailing at Johnny's Spotless Car wash,
you'll never go anywhere else!

Car Washes

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We know that there are a lot of car washes out there, but in Holbrook, MA there's no better place to go for car washing or truck washing than Johnny's Spotless Car wash. We even wash and detail motorcycles.

While at other car washes, they simply put the vehicles on a track and run them through mechanical brushes, at Johnny's Spotless Car wash we're all about elbow grease. We really get in there and make sure that your car or truck is sparkling inside and out. All of our regular services would be considered "specialty services" at other car washes.

These services include the following:

• Hand Washing – We use specialized industrial grade soaps and biodegradable degreasers, and we use the quantities recommended by the factories in order to obtain the best results every single time. We dry off your vehicle's surface with specialized microfiber materials that can absorb many times their own weight. Your vehicle will be left without any streaks or hand prints whatsoever. It will look like it just rolled off the factory floor!

• Vacuuming – The car wash is followed by a thorough vacuuming. We use a vacuum system that has a very high suction rate, and we will get into every tiny crevice of your vehicle's interior.

• Off Road Car Washing – We use the same methods and procedures on vehicles that have been off road as we do for all of our hand car washes, but we add soaps that have special descaling agents for off road vehicles. We also go over all the door frames carefully, as well as the plastic dashboard, foot pedals, and seat. We'll also have your tires looking as good as new.

• Upholstery Cleaning – We use ultraviolet light to see what can't be seen with the naked eye. Once your upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned, your car will be returned to you completely dry.

• Odor Elimination and Disinfection – At Johnny's Spotless Car wash, we use a thermal system where particles in the air trap odors so they can then be easily eliminated. In other words, instead of simply masking orders (which is never effective), the particles responsible for the odors are eliminated. Moreover, there is no harmful chemical residue left behind.

If it has been a while since you've had any of these services done, then come on over to our Holbrook, MA location. You'll be glad that you did!