Auto Detailing

Once you come in for car washing and detailing at Johnny's Spotless Car wash,
you'll never go anywhere else!

Auto Detailing

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It doesn't matter what state the interior of your car is in. If it's a total mess and it has been years since you've taken your car in for auto detailing, or if it just needs a go over and a thorough cleaning, then Johnny's Spotless Car wash in Holbrook, MA is the company you can trust.

We will do whatever it takes to get your car looking like a brand new car you just bought. When you bring your car into us, a qualified and experienced car detailed will thoroughly inspect all the surfaces and fixtures, then spring into action doing whatever it is that needs to be done to remove any stains and grime. This can include simple scrubbing, shampooing, hot water and steam extraction, applying water based dye to your carpets, and many other proven cleaning methods.

We treat all the leather in your car with a pH balanced solution to ensure that no damage or discoloration occurs. If you have navigation or video screens, they will be cleaned in such a way that there is no visible streaking once the job is done, and they look clearer than ever.

Our auto detailing services are complete. We'll carefully go over all the components on the dash, door panels, vents, windows, side and rear view mirrors, compartments, brake and accelerator pedals, steering wheel, door handles, head liner, seats, seat tracks, and all the other knobs, switches, and dials in your car.

Having auto detailing done can make you feel a lot better about your car, the car that you use to commute to work every day. You’ll be in a great mood whenever you are driving. And, if you're looking to sell your car, the investment in auto detailing easily pays for itself in the increased resale value.

Our turnaround time is quick, and our prices are fair. Bring your car in today for a free auto detailing estimate.